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Re: Elimination tournament

by rick5thdown

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Elimination tournament

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Well it's official, you guys have ruined this game. You guys have made the tournaments way to complex. You have to purchase keys just to play? First round I got matched up with someone with 1000 more power. I didn't have a chance. Thats it, im done with this mess. See you next season when EA hopefully turns over their entire staff in regards to this game.

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Re: Elimination tournament

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Man you guys love to jump the gun. The new tournament came out a few hours ago. Give them a chance to get some feedback. 

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Re: Elimination tournament

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You guys are killing me. I'm fairly new to this forum  I have noticed everyone is quick to jump all over EA and complain. I'm quitting, you ruined the game etc... This is the first season with this new game engine. It has awesome potential to be the best one ever. We have to give them a chance to work out the kinks. Bitc*Ing abouy it doesn't solve problems. Ea welcomes our  feedback. They have fixed almost everything that has been broken. Fumbles, new tourney masters, reel masters I can go on and on. If you want to help be a part of the solution give positive feedback and stop complaining so much.

IMO EA has done an excellent job this season responding to our feedback. We have to give them a minute to perfect this new game engine. Stop whining and enjoy.  It will only get better

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Re: Elimination tournament

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Oh and if you were out powered by 1000. That's your own fault. Ea has been practically handing out power. That's an easy fix. You need to go grind some power. That's not even a legit complaint. Lol if you were out powered by 1000 you probably played me or one of my League members. Lol.

And I'm sure you have played teams that you have out powered but your not complaining about that. 

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