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Re: EA Servers Never Responsive

by Rhinols

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EA Servers Never Responsive

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Here's a silly question. Would it ever occur to the people running EA to take the tens of thousands of dollars players spend on the game, and use it to improve/update beyond 1989 level/buy more speed and storage for the server that supports the game?
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Re: EA Servers Never Responsive

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was going to write a similar thread, but you wrote it perfectly.


I realize to play this game and have fun, you have to limit your sleep to 3-4 hours a day and play at 2 AM or quit your job. Seems redundant, no job means no money to spend on anything, nevermind a game.


starting to think 'Network Timeout' is the new name of the game lol

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Re: EA Servers Never Responsive

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I've been expecting people to leave the game it's so bad.  It drives me nuts when I can't even get in the game.


It would be nice to see them expand their resources for the game.

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