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Re: Claimed items from league bank

by EA_David

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Claimed items from league bank

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I am new to overdrive and I joined a league for the first time. For my first voucher from the bank I chose the 70 rs credits because it sounded like a really good deal. Instead of redeeming when I chose it it is just sitting in my inventory. When I try to exchange it it only offered me 3 instead of 70. After waiting on a half hour call only to be told to call back the next day I am now upset because that didn't resolve it either. They instructed me to post here so that is what I've done.

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Re: Claimed items from league bank

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Hi, the RS badges is an old currency that's been removed. Since then, a currency called "RS Comets" has been added, and you'll get these when you exhange one of the old RS Voucher badges. 

The new currency doesn't have the same value as the old one, so, you get a much different number of them after the exchange, of course. 

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