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Re: Captains and Coaches Not Upgrading...

by EA_Blueberry

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Captains and Coaches Not Upgrading...

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I've tried twice now to upgrade 2 different players . Pat Mahomes from level 18 to showed 19 for a few seconds, then went back to 18 and hasn't moved sinc . Same with Andy Reid. I've also tried to upgrade other Captains and Coaches , but none are upgrading. Is there a glitch in the game? Has anyone else experienced this?

It's very frustrating , as I had to save up 19000 patches to upgrade Mahomes....... Am I missing something or doing something wrong? 

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Re: Captains and Coaches Not Upgrading...

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Have you tried restarting your device since upgrading or reinstalled the app?

Those are a lot of patches and we want to make sure they don't go wasted. Our Support team can definitely pull up your account to verify if they were spent. 

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