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Re: Cannot play Madden Today

by thegatorfan122

Original Post

Cannot play Madden Today

So ever since most Feared started when I log in to Madden for the first time after the 1030 reset I cannot play any Madden today events. When I click on the icon the play now screen does not pop up. 

Up until today a fresh install has fixed the problem but I've reinstalled 3 times today and I still can't play them. I'm missing all the field of fear golds and I'm not going to be able to complete the daily goal. 

@EA_Blueberry @EA_David has this been reported? Is anyone else experiencing this problem? 

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Re: Cannot play Madden Today

Community Manager

I've not seen this myself, and testing this morning all my events showed up as normal. When you tap the icon does it respond at all, or act as if there's no icon? Just incase its a weird issue with the actual button not matching the icon position, can you try tapping randomly on the screen?

Also, I'm not sure if it's a factor(probably not), but are your FoF blitz events on cooldown when the daily reset occurs?

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Re: Cannot play Madden Today

@EA_David OK, I discovered, quite by accident, that when I click on the event icon the play now screen is actually there it's just invisible. If I click in the spot where the play button should be it will allow me to play the event. And if I click on the icon and then wait about 5 minutes the screen will finally become visible as if it takes that long to load the screen art.
I've been noticing that alot of things in Madden are loading really slow too. It very well could be some issue with the ram on my device. I'm working on checking into that now.
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Re: Cannot play Madden Today

[ Edited ]

@EA_David here is a video of the problem that I am experiencing trying to play Madden Today, master series, or NOMS... I am not having this issue with any other game or app.

I have reinstalled several times. I clear my cache each time prior to logging on and have restarted my phone several times.

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Re: Cannot play Madden Today

@EA_David OK, never mind. I disconnected wifi. Played on mobile data and it worked fine. Switched back to Wi-Fi and now it's fine. Don't know how I skipped that troubleshooting step, but it worked... Lol
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