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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

by ZiggiesZag

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Bug report missing kickoff season rewards

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I bought the season pass for the kickoff season, completed the master series and I received the rewards from that, but then I completed the kickoff season and I did not receive the rewards - including a pack with a choice of 1 out of 10 88 ovr rated players. Called the ea support line, and told me to wait for the rewards and it’s been 3 weeks and I haven’t received anything. 

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Accepted Solution

Re: Bug report missing kickoff season rewards

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EA Community Manager

We have a fix for this going out. Should be today.


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Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

★★ Novice

I finally finished the kickoff season mode for the first time and I was expecting to choose a 87 overall master. But once I finished, it just gave me the typical rewards. Never got the chance for the master or any of the "one-time" rewards. This will be day 3 of trying to correct this issue. I've emailed numerous times just to get redundant replies stating I have to be more specific, as every person trying to help doesnt know what's going on. I've called and spent an hour and a half talking to someone on the phone, as they check my logs. Just to find out that they dont know the rewards thay come with the kickoff promo. Hed say that I've already gotten both my 87 overall master. But one was bought in auction. I shouldve been able to get two masters, one from the mastery, and the other from the season mode. Finally he just told me to email and go through the process again. Also seems like the only people that can help are a help center based out of India. So if I want help, i have to be up around their time, which is the middle of the night for me. Overall the process of correcting this issue is terrible. Wont be spending any more money on the game until its corrected. Which basically means I won't be spending any more money cause I have no hope now. Seems like I'm not the only one with this issue. And it also looked like it's never been corrected. 

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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

EA Community Manager

PM me your UID, i'll see if i can get it straightened out

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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

@ZiggiesZag Are you certain that you played the kickoff season and not a regular season. You had to have either bought the season pass or spent 4k gems to get access to the kickoff season.
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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

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@thegatorfan122Yes I bought the pass. Everything was going normal. I was getting the extra kickoff points for winning each game and I won the super bowl. Everything went normal. But it didnt give me the rewards and the choice of the masters. 

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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

★★★★ Novice

I have exactly the same issue.  Bought the kickoff season, completed it and got the normal rewards.  No 87OVR master.  Have been in dialogue with EA help for the past 36 hours and have hit a brick wall.  They want a screenshot of the completed event (which I didn't take) and 5 different advisers haven't been able to tell me how to view completed seasons.  Have sent them the screenshot showing I bought it and the rewards it (still) promises but they even refuse to refund my gems so I can buy the FoF season instead.

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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

EA Community Manager

PM me your UID please

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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

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The same thing happened to me. I have sent an email to hopefully receive the 87 reward. However I don’t have a screenshot of winning the Super Bowl. And have no idea how to prove I actually won. 

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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

@Kwozziebro1 It's a shame that you feel like you have to take a screenshot of every thing you accomplish in the game "just in case". The reps at EA help should be able to easily look at your game history and see what you've accomplished.
I know the guys here can. David has looked at my history before.
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Re: Kickoff Season Mode Rewards

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Yep about the same process for me as well. Who takes a screenshot of this stuff? Anyways I'm kinda at a standstill too, cause I wanna play the FoF season but I'm not sure if I'll have to replay through the kickoff. Still have gotten no where tho..

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