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Re: Blitz Tourney LVL?!???

by db11sli

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Blitz Tourney LVL?!???

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A blitz tourney that is an LvL tourney???   Easily the worst idea in the history of the game. David please pass on that we already play LvL everyday.  I really don’t need more of it.  HORRIBLE IDEA!!!!  

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Re: Blitz Tourney LVL?!???

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And 15 minute rounds are 12 minutes too long. This takes forever!
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Re: Blitz Tourney LVL?!???

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Well, that's about the opposite of what I have heard everyone say about it so far, including me. Overdrive sucks, that was a bad idea. I'm glad they finally put it back the way it was tbh.


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Re: Blitz Tourney LVL?!???

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Overdrive is a lot of fun when the matchups are even, albeit that rarely happens. We already have daily LvL tourneys. Maybe I am just getting burned out on them. Especially since it’s impossible to pass without a pick.

All that being said, I appreciate your opinion. I guess if the majority like it, then full speed ahead. Personally, I liked the original Blitz tourney format. I just don’t see a reason to mess with it. Maybe make it shorter?
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Re: Blitz Tourney LVL?!???

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15 min is definitely way too long

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