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Arena BS

by socratic_t

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Arena BS

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What gives with Arena? 


I score the first 2 td's with 2 pt conversions. Score 3rd drive. My game ends before I run 2 pt conversion.


Then, I lose the game because it says in replay I failed to convert 2 pt conversion.


This has happened multiple times now. Not happy.

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Re: Arena BS

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@EA_Davidsocratic_t I haven't had this happen yet. I have had several league mates tell me this happened to them in arena.
we have also seen this in l vs l and league tourney
hopefully it's fixed quickly
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Re: Arena BS

@socratic_t I've only ever seen this in league h2h in overtime. If this is happening in other game modes it needs to be fixed with the quickness... Fortunately it hasn't happened to me yet either.
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