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Re: Still unable to use downloaded rosters in madden 20

by EA_Blueberry

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ps4 madden 20 community files error

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just got madden 20 through ea access and the community files when attempting to download show, error the file cannot be downloaded becuase it has been removed by its creator. This is for every single file that I try to download. is there any work around for this. please advise.

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Re: ps4 madden 20 community files error

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This is a global problem effecting PS4 & Xbox users.  The last response to this from EA was that we needed to start individual claims, but we are past that point.  This is no longer an individual problem effecting a very small amount of people.  We are now at the point where pretty much everybody is no longer able to download community files no matter what the work around is.  
This HAS to be the next big fix for EA.  If it doesn't get fixed, I don't know what else to say.... not a good look. 


This will likely get merged with the main thread that is pinned btw - just a heads up.

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Re: ps4 madden 20 community files error

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@illuzionz1313 Thank you!
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Re: Still unable to use downloaded rosters in madden 20

Community Manager

@illuzionz1313 wrote:

So this Community Downloads bug has turned into a global issue pretty much.  I fully understand with the Corona Virus, employees are probably not able to address the issues immediately and I respect that.  However, EA reps, please acknowledge the fact this is no longer an individual issue that we just "need to start a claim" to get better assistance.  An entire section of your game/product is completely inaccessible.  

Please fix this.  No reason for PS4 & Xbox 1 users to not be able to download community files.  



This has been alerted up to the team for review already. Currently we do not have an official ETA on a fix that will be consistent across all platforms.

We've seen players fix this by clearing the game saved data for both local and cloud on their consoles. If you use an external hard drive, please try reinstalling the game on the internal drive after all files have been deleted on both external and internal. I've seen situations where a game is installed on the internal and all the downloads are located on the external, so there's a disconnect. When external drives are attached, there is an option to enable all additional updates and downloads to the external drive. Make sure all files are going to the same source.

Please try downloading a variety of files. Some user files could be located on the Community files section but have been pulled or become corrupted. 

Ensure all ports listed for Madden 20 are enabled in your network settings. Here are ports listed for Madden 20:

Thank you for your patience while this is under investigation. We know with the current world situation this is a widely sought after feature as friends and family are spending more time together. We'll update this post when we have more information.

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Re: Still unable to use downloaded rosters in madden 20

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- I've cleared all saved data from my internal hard drive (Xbox One with no external).  I've completely uninstalled and re-installed.  Cloud storage included.

- All updates go to the same source. (once again no external drive.)

- 100% of Community Downloads including draft class, roster and playbooks are unable to be downloaded - they all give out the same error "File removed by the creator."

- Between Twitter and PMs on Xbox I'm answering the same question over 20 times a day as to why my files are removed (even though they're not) and why my file can't be downloaded, so this is effecting pretty much everyone.  PS4 users, as you already know, are also fully effected.

- I totally understand with the whole Coronavirus issue the stress it creates so I won't bring this error up anymore. (Sorry if I've gone overboard with it.)  I'm also dealing with COVID-19 patients directly with my career so trust me I'll be the last person to give you crap about it. 

I appreciate the response.  Take care & be safe.



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Community Files download error Owner deleted files

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every time I want to download a community file for example a roster or maybe even a draft class I can’t because an error code that says “the creator deleted it” when they didn’t appears 

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Re: Still unable to use downloaded rosters in madden 20

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@illuzionz1313 I'm happy im.not the only one, I was thinking I was nuts. It went from sporadic , to now not being able to download anything. Madden Share is completely non functional now.
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Re: Cannot download off Madden Share

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Whenever i try to download any roster it says that it's been removed by the Creator, so i messaged the owner and they say it's up

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Downloadin draft class madden 20

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Everytime i try to download a draft class it says the creator has removed the file. It does this with every single file so I know that cant be true. I'm looking to download for an online franchise I am commish in so I cant delete saved data or the league will be lost 

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Re: Downloadin draft class madden 20

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@ryfle51 I am having the same issue. There's definitely no way they all deleted then at the same time
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