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Re: Tom Brady over balanced?

by EA_accessible

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Tom Brady over balanced?

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Product: Madden NFL 20
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
I want to talk about something you don't mention above: Over-balance in super star abilities
How accessible is the current experience? It's useless to me
Summarize what in the product is difficult to use. Tom Brady and his Pro Reads ability
How is this making it more difficult? As receivers are not accessible to us, meaning that we can't tell who is open, or even what play we call, why should sighted players who play with Tom Brady get an advantage over us?
How can we reproduce this experience? Play with tom Brady

So, this has nothing to do with the fact that I dislike Tom Brady, so I won't talk about how I dislike him. 

Anyways, There are two very over-balanced things that I see wrong with this player.

1. His pro reads ability highlights the first open receiver while in the pocket.

This  gives a sighted player a further advantage  over us, since we can't see who is open, nore do we know what play we are calling.

2. Why does Tom Brady have 6 different abilities? He has the Pro Reads ability, but he has 5 zone abilities?

Also, he has them all unlocked from the start, without having to unlock them.

Listen, everyone knows that without his o-line and his receivers, tom brady is not a god. 

 This is a serious over-balance in the game that needs to be fixed. If other players need to unlock there abilities, then it should be the same for Tom Brady. 

Further more, the ability for him to have the first receiver highlighted that is open while in the pocket  is a serious  disadvantage to us blind or low-vision players. 

Please consider revamping some of his abilities, and not give him such a godmode so easily.

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Re: Tom Brady over balanced?

EA Sports Team

Admin - please move to Madden's forum, this isn't feedback relating to a disability.

Karen Stevens
EA SPORTS Accessibility Lead
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