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Madden 20 online H2H rankings not showing.

by traquanlee

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Re: H2H

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Still not working and not a word on a fix.

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Re: H2H

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@BoscoTodd Yup they won’t reply on the jerseys as well.
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Re: H2H

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@EA_Blueberry  responded with this. At least it's a response.


Re: Madden 20 H2H online compare stats not showing

It's been reported to them and the team is aware. I'm afraid I don't have any updates to share on their progress for it ATM. I know it's been a long ongoing issue and the fix is more complicated than what they originally anticipated. They are fully aware of the frustration though and I'm sorry if it's impacting your overall enjoyment of the game.

I'm a records guy myself and love to compare stats and look at my record (my competitive side), so I completely feel for those that are bringing this up. I wish I had more to share with you and hope it is addressed sooner rather than later as well. Thanks for hangin' in there. 

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Re: H2H

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@BoscoTodd I don't see that response from him, when did he post this?
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Re: H2H

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@djwest32It's what he emailed me last night.

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Re: H2H

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Hey, @djwest32 


That was a message I replied to from @BoscoTodd. I want to let you all know I get reminders about these posts and browse these boards daily, so your responses are not ignored and are being observed. I'm afraid I don't have any updates to share around this at the moment and based off how this thread has been going, I don't want to set any false expectations where some of you felt you've been strung along with an imminent fix around the corner. We do not have any confirmed time-frame on addressing this I can share with you at this time. I will respond again when I have information of substance on it, however the team is fully aware of the reports around the H2H ranks not displaying, comparing stats tile not displaying results, and uniforms not changing in online H2H. We'll continue to relay your concerns around this and how it's impacting your overall enjoyment of the Madden franchise.

Again, thank you all for being extremely patient with us on these reports issues and for all your help flagging down these for us on the forums.

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Re: H2H

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Are you able to tell us what the actual problem is and why it cannot be fixed in a timely manner?

is it more complicated than a database structure change?

are you using agile rather than waterfall?

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Re: H2H

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@EA_Blueberry What are your plans for head to head? Will head to head even be around next year? Are you taking away features so we have to play MUT? We would all just appreciate some transparency and honesty. Bugs don’t take this long to fix. Thanks.
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Re: H2H

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Just got off the phone with EA support once again they do not care. I was told they are “looking into it” not sure what this means? It takes from August till now to look huh? I’m not sure how they create multiple updates on this game yearly and can not fix this issue. I play ONLY online ranked play and have done EVERYTHING EA has asked to fix this. Again I repeat they do not care. We as a community need to know if this will be fixed in next years game... not “we’re looking into it”. Will this be fixed in madden 21, or not? 

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Re: Madden 20 online H2H rankings not showing.

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So here’s tonight‘s screwup, every time I’m in exhibition mode looking to go head to head as soon as the game starts it’s immediately over and then reboots and I take a loss.  Seriously?  I’m in loop loss mode

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