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Power up pass and documentation

by Moonlander564

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Power up pass and documentation

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The Power Up Pass scenario is awkward at best. I have 4 Passes, and Power Up Players within the OVR required by the pass. Yet NONE of the cards can use the Pass! I have 60 Power Up player cards. Most are 67 OVR and a many are 74 OVR. But using Training to bring the OVR up to the cards' required OVR is of no use because the pass is not an option in the power up process. Nothing is explained in the manual. Nothing is explained on the Pass 'card' or the Tip 'card'. When are the Passes of use? It may be getting to the point that EA needs to spend dollars and time on appropriate documentation and less on innovation.

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Re: Power up pass and documentation

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i will use Greg Olsen as an example.with the Olsen power up card you use training to get to tier 7 - 83 overall. to get to tier 8 - 86 overall you need to add an 85 overall Elite Greg Olsen card. instead of buying/trading for that card you can use a 83-85 power up pass IN PLACE of the Elite Card thereby making the power up card an 86 overall. hope this makes sense. answer back if still confused.
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