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Re: Why I will not buy Madden 18

by Curtis_PS3

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Why I will not buy Madden 18

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I have not bought Madden since "Madden 2005".

I thought by Madden 17 they would have made it better.

I believe while some aspects have gotten better, others have gotten worse. So they seem to be taking one or two step forwards and one

or two steps backwards.

This only pertains to offline franchise as that is all that I play.

Madden 17 had numerous problems/glitches in it and nothing ever got fixed.

I emailed EA, posted to moderators, opened troubleshooting cases and EA never fixed the problems.

I have posts/replies up on the 17 forum and anyone that played franchise will see that the problems remained throughout the season.

While they had updates, they seemed to pertain to other modes and not franchise. When they did fix something

in Franchise, to me it was not a major problem to begin with.

Therefore, I guess I will wait another 12 years and see if they have things figured out by then.

Maybe they should only come out with a game every other year or every 3 years, until they can get current game working correctly.

In the meantime, they could just do roster updates. It is frustrating when they come out with new features and game play and all it does is to create new problems prior to fixing old problems.

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Re: Why I will not buy Madden 18

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Until they have competition from another game publisher they will keep putting out have baked efforts and they are to focused on MUT.  The game is still as broken as all the other Maddens and they just keep taking control away from the gamer like in online head to head you can't see your opponent until the match starts no options for weather settings in head to head and the people who run the same 2 or 3 plays over and over because they find a glitch and EA does nothing to address this and many other issues.  When you are the only NFL football game and you know it after time you stop caring about the gamer and the product you produce and just keep churning out the same ole game with a roster update and new coat of paint but its still the same old ugly pig underneath the paint.  I played a online game on Sunday and my opponent was using the Cowboys this person would run straight backwards with Dak and just throw the ball while his back was to the line and he completed every pass no matter who it was thrown to.  He had the ball 90% of the first half and received the 2nd half kickoff I lost 14 to 7 and he had 215 yards passing and 125 rushing with the same running play HB ISO the Cowboys offense line would push my D-line five yards off the ball every run play. No thanks I used up my EA trial of ten hours and I will pass on once again on this still broken game I could list 25 issues from Madden 17 that are still present but I'm not gonna waste my time.










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