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Re: Franchise mode XP package bug

by Snapr4God

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Re: Franchise mode XP package bug

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I posted a couple days ago about spending XP on a development package and now getting LESS XP for gold medal drills than other players on my team with worse DEV packages, and even less than the previous season (player is Isaiah Ford, 21 WR from stock rosters). This is a very active 32 man CFM i Have been having the problem in and wonder if this was addressed in patch. Won't be able to check my self until tomorrow morning, but would like to hear a response from an EA admin on this?

GT: Windwardzeus
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Re: Franchise mode XP package bug

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@EA_Barry I just posted on his thread
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Re: Franchise mode XP package bug

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@WindwardZeus This sounds like a separate issue and probably should be opened as its own bug report and not as a comment in an old thread.

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Re: Franchise mode XP package bug

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Post moved to a separate thread.

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