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[INFO REQUEST] - Missing Head to Head Rank

by wr3cka

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Re: Missing online h2h rank

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Dude, if you keep buying it three years in a row, then that's on YOU. EA doesn't care because you people keep buying their games regardless. Speak with your wallet and don't buy EA games

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Re: Missing online h2h rank

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Also, as a side note, this bug has existed for at least 4 years

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Re: Missing online h2h rank

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EA Roger is the same jack*** who was working on this in Madden 18. He isn't going to do anything. Please EA, FIRE THIS MAN. EA, you are a business. it would be best for your bottom line if you just took the time to fix it for future games. i know of at least a dozen people who refuse to buy madden until it is resolved

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - Missing Head to Head Rank

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Platform:Xbox one 

GamerTag/PSN ID: nbautista904
Time & date for the last time you checked your rank:8/1/19

TimezoneTongue outacific 

Have you played any games since you lost your rank (Y/N): yes 

Did this occur at a particular time in the game (Game froze, disconnect, opponent quit, etc):

Opponent quit 


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