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Cfm formation subs never loads

by toyotatech21

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Cfm formation subs never loads

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Product: Madden 18
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Which console generation do you have? XBOX One S
Which mode has this happened in? Franchise Mode
Which part of the mode? Cloud
Summarize your bug I want to change when my linebackers sum in 3-4 formation but the formation sub screen comes up white with no menu. Also saving profiles keeps saving loop and ticker in bottom is madden nfl 18(no news/scores)
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? On cfm go get o formation subs.
What happens when the bug occurs? White screen with nothing to click
What do you expect to see? A menu
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? Coorslightking1
Date/time issue occurred 3/25/18
PS4 Crash Reporting: Please copy the text you put in the crash report here.

Picture of issue with controller in screen
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