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Re: Ce-34878-0

by chumanchili

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Re: Ce-34878-0

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I was fine until recently. Now when ever I play defense in franchise mode my game gets this error. In have done everything request in the suggestions.
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Re: Ce-34878-0

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Hey there
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Re: Ce-34878-0

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I've got the same problem and was told since it's an online issue they can't do anything but send me troubleshooting tips. Basically nothing cause I've already tried all of it. Can't get a refund for this broken game that I can't even play
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My online franchise with my buddies won’t even load anything. Every time I click on it it kicks me out and said code error 34878.
I don’t think I’ll be buying any other game from EA. CANT GET ANY SUPPORT ON THIS ISSUE. I’m going to suggest now on to not buy a game made by ea seeing as to how this is still an issue when there were people with this issue in August and it’s stull going around.
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Re: Ce-34878-0

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june here and still my madden crashes over and over. mostly in the mut market with this code . smh ea 

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Re: Ce-34878-0

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A non-destructive step you can try is to boot your PS4 in safe mode and then choose option 5 - Rebuild database:


Here is the official link regarding CE-34878-0 :

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Re: Ce-34878-0

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The only thing that seems to work is to hope that your save files are uploaded to PsPlus and just redownload the most recent. The game crashes and corrupts all save files associated with that franchise. Both backups and autosaves were shot. EA turns out a broken game every year. Not sure why I buy anything they make anymore.

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Re: Ce-34878-0

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Did you use Thomasdraft for your rookie draft classes?

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Re: Ce-34878-0

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Mine is the regular PS4 and it happens every 2022 season in offline franchise mode. 

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Re: MADDEN 18 Im having a problem loading game from franchise mode with 49ers

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Happens with my Cowboys too

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