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Re: Can't keep a connection with the EA servers

by bware59

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Can't keep a connection with the EA servers

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For the past 5 days I haven't had a solid connection with the EA servers and it has made it very frustrating to play MUT. When I finally got in contact with EA on a live chat, I was given a list of things to do to fix the problem but of course none have worked. I've rebuilt the database of my PS4 and changed my DNS several times to try and find one that fixes the issue. My modem and router are in another room so I can't use an Ethernet cable for connection and I don't know what else to do. With a brand new PS4 slim and an $80 game, I expected a little better performance than this. I don't know what else to do other than contact my cable provider about my internet connection, even though everything else works fine. What other adjustments can be made to a WIFI connection to make sure it connects to EA servers consistently? 

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Re: Can't keep a connection with the EA servers

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Wi-Fi can tricky to get a good connection. Surprisingly, moving either your Wi-Fi source or your console a small distance, like less than a meter can make a difference to the reliability of your connection. Another option is to buy a Wi-Fi signal booster.

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Re: Can't keep a connection with the EA servers

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Get a long cable and hardwire it. Wi-Fi is *.
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