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Re: "Winning Draft Day" Trophy is unachievable on PS3

by charlijaen

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Re: "Winning Draft Day" Trophy is unachievable on PS3

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Man I hate having to be this cynical but just give up. This isn't even an uphill battle, it's an impossible to win one. They've pulled this * with the Fifa Football version on PS VITA which is unobtainable to this day. In Need for Speed for PS4 they decided to add a last set of trophies with one particular trophy that is so hard and completely out of whack with the main game, that even the few gaming Gods that were able to pull it off by a miracle said it was unfair. We've begged for a change, but they just don't care. They have our money and the very few of us that care enough not to buy any EA games anymore in the future won't really hurt them. EA was chosen the worst company of North America by the public a few times for a reason you know.
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Re: "Winning Draft Day" Trophy is unachievable on PS3

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@EA_Barry wrote:



Please see the main thread on this here:

Hey @EA_Barry  any news? This bug is no solved. We need a patch with uprgade overall gold cards or Friday/Tuesday Night or Happy Hour. You can help? When you no help me I never buy any games from EA because EA again NO HELP me next time. PS3 version is bugged.


@EA_Barry  You give me back my money and delete this game and trophy list from my account? My PSN id is Mapig

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Re: "Winning Draft Day" Trophy is unachievable on PS3

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Please look into this issue.

Draft champions mode on PS3 & XBOX 360 doesn't give enough elite players to get a team of at least 83 Overall value. 

The dev team only has to do a little adjustment to remove low rated players from the rotation and increase the rate of good players.


Thanks for the help Standard smile

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Re: "Winning Draft Day" Trophy is unachievable on PS3

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Let's put this topic on top again..
Can you please solve this bug/issue?
You don't understand that there are a lot of people who spend time trying to achieve every sort of trophy! And missing even only one throphy (two, considering the Platinum) can affect statistics and leaderboards. Don't be selfish, please! I don't think it takes a great money investment to fix this "bug": you can create "special days" with 2+ elite players, remove low cards from chance, and so on...
You would make many people happy, and trust in EA would be renewed!


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