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Re: Team Hero set "refresh"

by cal5465

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Team Hero set "refresh"

★ Novice

So in Team Hero sets it says the sets refresh on October the 1st, what does this mean and will the players i have already added to set stay after it "refreshes" or will i lose them 

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Re: Team Hero set "refresh"

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Can we get an answer here because like a total noob I have 135 players in these sets and may not be able complete anywhere near to all of them by the time they refresh????!!!!! Help!
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Re: Team Hero set "refresh"

★★ Newbie
I'm wondering the same thing!!
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Re: Team Hero set "refresh"

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I'm pretty sure you lose them. when it refreshes each team will have a new hero so it will be just like starting over. i have got 28 of them right now. trying to get the other 4 before refresh. its hard to do but from now on i recommend leaving cards in binder until you have enough to complete the set so that you dont lose any in a non complete set.

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