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Madden NFL 17 Franchise Problems

by georoz

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Madden NFL 17 Franchise Problems

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(Not sure if this is just for the Tenn. Titans or not -- it's the only team I've played) When playing OFFLINE franchise, with preseason roster set, I am notified that I have to cut 1 player (Coaches recommendations list a choice of 3 or 4 players to cut and their reasoning.. I like this new feature, by the way.. thanks!) However, at the top, it actually states I have to cut 2 players, not 1... and no matter what players I cut and /or trade .. even when I end up removing more than the needed 2 players from my team, the AI ALWAYS cuts CB Khalen Reed "Mr. Irrelevant" from this past draft and who has a rating of 60.... I have some hope for him ...   I deplete a portion of my CB roster and plan on keeping this player on my practice squad (thank you for this added feature, also !)   

The thing is, if I set up an ONLINE franchise, I'm notified of the correct amount of players to cut ( 2 ) and the AI DOES NOT automatically cut this player..!?!?!?


Also, as with past Madden games, and this is with both -- online and offline franchises -- when periodically looking through player information screens---- the game locks up... now, offline games, you can recover pretty close to what you were doing if you save a lot...not so much for the online games... had to try to remember who and to which teams I did some trades.. and then, some of those trades were no longer accepted (?)....

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