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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

by EA_Barry

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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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This is incredibly frustrating. I've now played the same game three times in offline franchise mode and each time the game is over, and I attempt to exit the game and save my progress, the game freezes while loading. all progress is of course lost each time, and one must play the game over again yet again. To say this is frustrating and leaves one feeling as though the product is deficient is an understatement. EA just assumes the customer will continue to purchase this product on brand alone, but the game needs to work as advertised or that will cease to be the case. We paid our money, we should get a product that delivers or our money back.
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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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Product: Madden 17
Platform:Sony Playstation 3
Summarize your bug: I've tried playing franchise mode (offline) an the game freezes every time I go to advance from Week 1 to Week 2. 
How often does the bug occur?: Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves?:
What happens when the bug occurs?: Background music stops and game freezes
What do you expect to see?: The game advance to week 2
If your game crashed, about how many minutes were you playing before it crashed?: 2
What is your gamertag/PSN ID?: matthieu100
Date/time issue occurred: 25th October 2016
Did this issue happen in Connected Franchise Mode?: Yes (offline)

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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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am using original and I get constant freezing wrote trying to load a game in franchise
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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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TL;DR: I hope this helps.  I don't have it solved yet, but am hopeful I'm close.  Something super messed up with rosters, injuries, and IR.


Game: Madden 17

Platform: Xbox One


Recent Changes:

Prior to Issues 1 and 2, I had updated with Oct 18 tuner and Oct 20 rosters (on 10/25/2016).

Turned on Dynamic QoS on my router.


Repro Steps 1 (freeze on training):

1. Create a new offline franchise.

2. Use currently loaded roster, initially Oct 20 roster.

3. Choose options for franchise (preseason, coach role, allow for pre-existing injuries and injuries in general).

4. Franchise is created.

5. Add Free Agents.

6. Launch Training.

7. Select to do the training (don't sim it).

8. Training starts to load, music is playing, disc graphic on screen is spinning.

9. Freeze!  Disc graphic stops spinning, sound is now a loud annoying tone.  <-- expected behavior is typical training experience.  issue occurs 100% of the time.

10. Hard boot Xbox One.

11. retry, same issue.


Repro Steps 2 (freeze on game launch):

1. through 4. same as above.

5. Do not add Free Agents.

6. Play preseason game.

7. Ensure custom playbooks are NOT selected.

8. Leave uniforms as default.

9. Launch game.

10. Game starts to launch where it shows the players' and coach's weekly/yearly goals.

11. Music keeps playing and disc graphic spins but does not load game.  <-- expected behavior is typical game experience.  100% of the time.

12. Hard boot of Xbox One.

13. retry, same issue.


Somewhere along there, I also tried taking my Xbox One off line, etc.  Tried a bunch of things in a shotgun scattered manner, still no good.  Including trying without custom playbooks, edited players, etc.


Attempted Workarounds:

1. Uninstall, reboot Xbox One.

2. Reinstall (online), reboot Xbox One.

3. Still no good.


1. Uninstall and remove all files from Xbox One.

2. Reinstall (online), reboot Xbox One.

3. Restart game, still no good.


Go have some beers.  Come back two days later after playing Gears of War 4.


Recent Changes, Take 2:

Turn off Dynamic QoS, reboot router.


Repro Steps:

1. Start Madden 17 and load new Oct 27 roster.

2. Read on forums to try to sim training until the season.

3. Create whole new offline franchise with same settings as before.  Within Franchise league settings, turn off injuries (leave on Pre-existing injuries).

4. Do not add Free Agents.

5. Sim training and sim preseason games.

6. Sim first game's training.

6. Play first season game.

7. Game loads successfully!

8. Wait.  There's trouble with my roster.  I see incorrect injuries for my players.  Some of the players are shown as injured and IR *but* are still available on my depth chart.  Some of the players that had been injured and on IR, are not on IR.  (specifically as an example, I play the Chargers: K. Allen is injured and on IR but is still shown in my game's depth chart.  D. Woodhead, who *should* be injured is not shown as injured nor on IR and shows in my depth chart.... something is super screwy).

9. Play game successfully with the non-injured players (I didn't try to play the injured players).

10. After the game, change Franchise league settings to NOT have pre-existing injuries.

11. Check my roster, hey... no one is injured at all anymore... I guess that's expected but now I have 63 players on my active roster (should be 53 or less to play).  I see this when I go do a trade and see the roster number.

12. I trim my roster down to 53 (through trades and releases).

13. Here's where I'm at now.  When I have time next, I'm going to see if things now work like they're supposed to with the existing franchise.


I *suspect* that my roster has too many players in the beginning and the game doesn't realize it until it does a check on Training and Playing a game.  Something fundamentally screwy here between the rosters, injuries, and IR.


Fingers crossed.


EA, I hope this helps and isn't a red herring.




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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

Community Manager



Excellent post. Thank you.


What is your Gamertag please?

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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

[ Edited ]
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Thanks.  Good to hear.  Hope it helps.


Gamertag: Zen Attack

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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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I went back this morning to get a cleaner repro.


Recent Changes:

Started Madden 17 and took tuning update for 10/28 (hopeful!)


Still no good though.


Repro Steps (Overall, Saving at each week):

1. Create new offline franchise.  Choose Chargers.

2. Change only franchise settings: length to 7 minutes; no on autofill rosters.  Start in Preseason.

3. Check injuries and IR and Depth Chart.  All looks good, correct injuries and injured players are not available in depth chart.

4. Check roster count.  It's at 61/75.  Sign free agents to 75/75.

5. Launch Training.  <-- No good.  Crash out of game.

6. Restart game (on Xbox One dashboard, start a different game to "close" Madden.  Then start Madden again.)

7. Retry launch training. <-- No good. Screen freezes, disc freezes, annoying screeching noise.

8. Restart game (as in step 6).

9. Sim training.  OK.

10. Launch full football game with defaults.  <-- No good. Screen continues scrolling player goals, disc spins, music plays but does NOT go to the football game.

11. Restart game (step 6).

12. Sim training. OK.

13. Advance week to sim football game.

14. On Preseason week 2, depth chart and injuries and IR look good.

15. Launch training.  <-- No good, screen freeze, disc freeze, annoying noise.

16. Restart game.

17. Sim training.  OK.

18. Play full game with defaults.  <-- No good.  Screen freeze on player goals, disc freeze, annoying noise.

19. Restart game.

20. Sim each preseason week's training and football game.  Cut players as prompted.  All rosters continue to look good.  End of preseason roster have 53/53 and all injuries and IR looks good.

21. Advance to Season Week 1.

22. Set Season Goal.

23. Depth chart and injuries and IR all look good.  Full roster still at 53/53.

24. Launch training.  ALL GOOD.

25. Launch full football game.  It starts!

26. Within the football game play, check depth chart and injuries and IR.  <-- No good.  Some players show injured and on IR (K. Allen) but are available in the Depth Chart.  Some players that should be injured and on IR (D. Woodhead; J. Verrett; S. Johnson) show as healthy and in Depth Chart.  Note.  Those players shown as healthy (S. Johnson) are available on the depth chart and show up on the field of play.  Players that are injured and on IR that show up on the Depth Chart, do NOT play on the field (though they show up on the pre-play cinematics).


And thus, I'm stuck.  I'll keep each Franchise saves in case you need me to try something.



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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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  • Is your game running on the most recent update?-Yes, PS4 downloaded game
  • If the issue is still occurring for you, is it with an online or offline Franchise?-Offline
  • Do you have ANY custom playbooks installed?-No
  • If your game is up to date and you have no custom playbooks can you post your username and the most recent time the issue occurred. Please include your timezone and be as accurate as possible with the time of occurrence.  thefirstwml, Sunday October 30th, 9 pm EST
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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

Community Manager



Great, thanks again!

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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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You're welcome Standard smile


I've managed to get past the whole problem by using an Offline Franchise with Pre-Existing Injuries set to off from the beginning.  That seems to have gotten past both the training and preseason game issues.

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