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Madden 17 freezing on load. Problem is NOT solved! Please fix . . . please?

by Z3pDr4g0n

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Madden 17 freezing on load. Problem is NOT solved! Please fix . . . please?

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Product: Madden 17
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Summarize your bug: Game freezes on loading.
How often does the bug occur?: Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves?: Game does not load. Have tried deleting all rosters, everything other than career data. I have deleted that three times and lost countless Draft Champions data this way. Have tried every possible combination in the solution. It just freezes. If I am really lucky the game won't even close and I have to unplug the PS4 and risk damaging the console. It would be great if this could be fixed in an update, on behalf of me and the nine pages of people submitting the problems here and the many "me toos" to those reports. PLEASE FIX IT! PLEASE?
What happens when the bug occurs?: Game gets to loading screen with music, a couple of pictures while loading, then the loading pizza just freezes in one quadrant, music kind of continues in a "down the hall" echoey sort of way and then nothing, ever. Could take a trip around the world and would still be on that screen. Have to close application and start over, usually to get the exact same result. This happens offline, online, play now, franchise, even practice. This is no fun at all.
What do you expect to see?: I'm not sure what you mean here. I would like the game to load so I can play it. I get about two hours on a weekend to play games and have spent this weekend's time loading roster, deleting roster, loading data, deleting data, restarting, shutting down, searching internet for issues, leaving this post. PS4 works perfectly for every other game ever, only issues have ever been Madden 16 and Madden 17. Can't help but think it's an EA/Madden issue and that others have it and that you must know it's a problem and should fix it.
If your game crashed, about how many minutes were you playing before it crashed?: Ah, I sometimes dream of playing it a few minutes before it crashes.
What is your gamertag/PSN ID?: Please Fix This Madden Glitch and I will tell you
Date/time issue occurred: Every time, day or night
Did this issue happen in Connected Franchise Mode?: No

Taking a break to post this while my PS4 takes half an hour to close frozen Madden 17 application before I give up and unplug the PS4 for the second time this weekend and get scolded by PlayStation for doing that because my system could be damaged.  This is at least the 12th or 15th try to load a game this weekend alone.  I have played zero minutes of Madden this weekend.  Seriously, I am asking nicely and have already posted here a couple of weeks ago before the 1.04 update came out, to please address this.  I notice that the same issue apparently never got addressed on Madden 16 and if you go to that page there are about 39 pages of "game freezes, please fix" and I am guessing a lot of people never got to play Madden 16 and that was that.  I really hope that's not the plan here for. Madden 17 EA, come on there is still time for me to play the $60 game I bought so I could play it, not continuously do maintenance on it.  Please?  And please don't insult me by referring this to the "solution" on the first page that asks questions and is not a solution. 


It is not fixed!

It is not fixed!

Please fix!

Thank you. 

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