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Madden 17 Controller Bug

by DemonEyedHugo

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Re: Madden 17 Controller Bug

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I had the same issue. I found out that whenever my controller disconnected, my xbox switched "player 1" to my guitar hero controller since I still had the USB drive plugged in. As soon as I unplugged the USB drive it worked. Hope this helps.
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Re: Madden 17 Controller Bug

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This same issue has been happening to me for months. Nothing worked until I just read the reply about the guys guitar hero controller being plugged. I have a bluetooth headset that was plugged into the rear usb slot, and as soon as I unplugged it the freeze glitch fixed itself. What a BS bug and how dare EA not bother to fix it! I will not be spending anymore money on the Madden franchise. 

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Re: Madden 17 Controller Bug

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This thread has been up for SO LONG. Why has there been no fix for this yet? The only saving grace is that you can hold down your guide button and turn your system off, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on and hopefully it will save at the point you last played...
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Re: Madden 17 Controller Bug

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so anytime I try and take control of a player or scramble with the QB the joystick up motion just freezes the player... stops him dead in his tracks. Two different controllers both do this for the entire time I have had this game. Fully charged, fresh batteries. Doesnt do it on any other game.


Joystick up doesnt work. Can I really be the only one???

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Re: Madden 17 Controller Bug

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Did anyone ever find out how to resolve this problem?
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Re: Madden 17 Controller Bug

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Thats just it if you change batteries it wjll not function when you turn controller back on. Controller works you can do anything else on the xbox but when you click on the madden it stays locked on the menu screen. Ticker on bottom is moving though.
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