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MUT too difficult to complete some challenges!

by spaguy1964

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MUT too difficult to complete some challenges!

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I have been playing Madden for years and the Madden Ultimate Team is my favorite part, but the newest Madden 17 version has been to difficult to progress in some of the challenges. The only parts I liked better about the new version where that the challenges were shorter and do not always rely on winning the game. Also good was that they made it to where you can restart a challenge to where you would not use up contracts on players. The bad parts are now the challenges are much harder and there are insufficient rewards for completing them. So the challenges may also be harder for me because I cannot ever upgrade my players and I am stuck with 70-80 rated players that I have to keep spending my extra coins on contracts to keep them since the games do not offer any good packs or major contracts packs as compensation for winning a challenge. All you get is 100 to 1000 points per challenge and then once in a while you may get a limited use player that is rated 85 or so that you can only use for a dozen or so games, which is ridiculous. It seems EA is intent on getting people to buy packs or coins just so you can get better players which seems kind of prejudice to me. So unless your rich you cannot get the 85-95 elite players?? This does not seem fair. You should not have to pay $60 for a game and then be forced to purchase coins or packs just to be able to advance more in the game. I would like to file a major complaint to the people who are doing this so let me know who I have to complain to get this stopped!  I have been stuck on a few of the challenges now for weeks that are ALL-PRO or ALL-MADDEN  that I just cannot beat with my current players. I have been frustrated to the point of almost wanting to smash the game because I attempted to try to score within the 5 yard line on about 40-50 tries to no avail as the computer would stuff every run attempt or intercept every pass attempt. I have already broken a cell phone because of the extreme frustration this game has caused me and if I wind up going to the hospital for high blood pressure or a heart attack, I will be filing a lawsuit! So my question is: Is there any thing EA can do about this??

Some suggestions would be 1.) Do away with contracts, it takes the fun out of the game when you keep having to replenish contracts on good players.

2.) Have a difficulty slider for the Ultimate team so that less experienced players can complete some of harder challenges without having to have elite players.

3.) Make challenges more rewarding. Try rewarding the challenges with some elite players that you can keep forever instead of ones that are only limited use or perhaps some elite packs instead of crappy Pro packs that have a bunch of unusable crappy players and maybe one or two 70-80 rated players. Even if the coins you earned were worth more than a 1000 perhaps you would be able to buy some better packs or players.

So I am asking for something to be done about this, either fix these issues  or compensate me with at least a dozen elite packs or couple hundred thousand points or coins so I can purchase some good players.

Please Help!


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