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Re: Hacked out entirely

by koldplay831

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Hacked out entirely

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I never got my problem resolved by this last guy. Someone hacked me and took my number 3 ranking and now they've went into my system and locked me out entirely. I would like to speak with a human because texting back and forth doesn't help me. This has been going on for over a month. I pay to enjoy my features. Who can I speak with?

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Re: Hacked out entirely

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  • Why won't you people place a mechanism on these games whereas this can't occur. I'm sick of it. Why am I paying. Unlock my system and restore my ranking. It's been a month and no results. Someone one needs to terminated.
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Re: Hacked out entirely

Community Manager

Hi, @koldplay831 


I know this is a little late from when you originally posted and hopefully you were able to recover your account by now, but if not please contact our Live-Support team via the link below. We also have two-factor authentication which can be added to an account for an extra layer of security if someone attempts to login to your account from an unusual location.


Click here for account recovery


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