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Re: CFM companion app

by jeffherron

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Re: CFM companion app

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I think @jeffherron is referring to the PS+ requirement to play online with PS4.

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Re: CFM companion app

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yes, that is correct, kind of. i was wanting to play "offline" cloud, but unable to without having a plus membership.
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Re: CFM companion app

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luf tex,
i play offline franchise. i can not play this mode while using the cloud as you must have a plus membership to use on ps4. i do not feel i should have to pay for that feature, thus sims and such run a lot slower for me because i am not using cloud. i am willing to sacrifice that benefit as i don't think its fair to charge ps4 users, yet ps3 users have it for free
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Re: CFM companion app

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Oh ok. Yeah I was upset about it at first being that was one of the reasons I went PlayStation rather than XBox. It doesn't bother me so much now...they just better not keep jacking up the price!
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