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Im the maker of custom offensive playbook DIMETIME and it has bugged out.

by dimetime5385

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why are plays missing on custom made play books

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I made several custom made play books but 100 plays are missing you can't access the lot of the shotgun formations
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Im the maker of custom offensive playbook DIMETIME and it has bugged out.

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I have a custom playbook and it has bugged out.  Its an offensive playbook called DIMETIME on Xbox One. I edited it and now the formation names are off.  When i go to shotgun one of the formations is empty. But all the formations are there but the wrong names are on them. Anybody know whats thats about?

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Custom play books not working properly

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Is there an update coming to fix the custom playbook not working properly? I have created a custom offense and defense and if I am just going to play now to play against a friend (not online head to head) just regular play now it gives me the option to select my playbook. However once the game starts there are several formations missing and all of my plays show up under wrong formations (ie: all my shotgun plays show up under hallmark ect). While playing the game during the 2nd or 3rd quarter my plays completely disappear and the only option I have under formations is kickoff, it can be 1 and 10, 2nd and 3 doesn't matter it only gives me kickoff under my formations. If I go to play type no matter what I select it gives me only a handful of plays and they are all the same and then when I select one no matter which one run , pass, ect my players line up to do an onside kick. Also I noticed that squib kick is not part of the kickoff options but when this issue happens on my custom playbook I have the option to do squib kicks lol it is completely haywire.

If I try to play online it's a completely different issues sometimes my play book is not an option at all and sometimes I can get it but no matter what when I start the game it reverts everything back to the default team playbook with different plays mind you than what you run in practice.

Just seems like we have a huge issue with the playbooks and an update to fix would be nice. I will not even play a ranked game until I know this has been resolved only because I don't know what plays it is going to give me.

Is there an update on this being resolved as I see most of the madden community is having the same or similar issues.

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Re: why are plays missing on custom made play books

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me too man. i spent 4 hours creating it and came to find out that less than half of them were there.  please fix

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How do I add new formations to play books in madden 16? I want to add some new shotgun formations to my playbook but I can't figure out how
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Shotgun Plays in Custom Playbook

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When playing in connected franchise, a lot of my shotgun plays are missing from my custom playbook. How can this be fixed or is there a solution to this problem?
Thank You
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