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Re: Madden 16 xbox one - Stuck on "loading roster official"

by franchize713

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Re: not downloading roster

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same thing happens to me

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Madden 16 - Xbox One - Loading Roster Offical Error

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My madden 16 is failing to load...It gets to the title screen and continues to say 'loading rosters official...please do not turn off your system'...I have searched these boards and attempted many of the work arounds to no success...The game has been un & re-installed twice now and I have removed some files via xbox support...I purchased this bundle because of the inclusion of Madden but have been unable to play since I bought the system 10/03/2015...




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Madden 16 xbox one - Stuck on "loading roster official"

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I got the madden 16 xbox one bundle with it pre ordered before it came out and it worked fine during the trial and up till now but now everytime i try to get on i get stuck on the home screen and it says " loading roster official" the only way i can get on is by signing out of my xbox live account and going to madden without signing in and signing in if i try and go to MUT or something and it'll work fine until i try to play a game once i press start game it just gets frozen again please fix this
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Game keeps freezing on main menu.  It doesn't go past "loading roster...".  I tried everything, even exchanging the game.  What works?

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Re: Madden 16 xbox one - Stuck on "loading roster official"

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I continue to have this same problem. And I have had the game for 3 days.
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Re: not downloading roster

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Can we please get some sort of acknowledgement or response from ea...this has been an issue for a week and a half for myself and longer for many others...

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Re: not downloading roster

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I've noticed something. I bought a different game which was non EA related and it connects online with no problems. It's only EA related games that does this. Just stay away from EA games!!! 

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Re: madden 16 wont load

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Xbox1         digital     verizon fios    delaware  wireless


Want my money back

Bought it from you  ea acess



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Re: madden 16 wont load

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Thank you so much for the tip! It worked for me!

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Re: not downloading roster

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My madden 16 on Xbox one is still unable to download roster official. EA has done nothing to help. I have exchanged the game disk, factory reset my xbox, reinstalled the game, deleted it everywhere and it still will not work. The updates don't resolve this issue. I spent $60 for a game that stopped working after 6 days.... Thanks EA.
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