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[READ FIRST] Common Issues and Solutions [Updated: Jan 6th]

by EA_Nils

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[READ FIRST] Common Issues and Solutions [Updated: Jan 6th]

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Below you will find multiple questions you may have and to get the answers to them simply click on the spoiler tag under each subject.


We will update this thread regularly to provide you with the latest information.


1 - Stuck in the loading screen on Xbox One


Madden NFL 16 requires a secure account for successful multiplayer. Sign in to your account on Go to My Account, then Privacy Settings, then Security to update your security question and turn on login verification.

Then, return to your console. You could be experiencing an issue of a corrupt save that is on both your console and in the cloud. Follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Click the Options button while hovering over Madden.
  2. Select Manage Game.
  3. Select your Gamertag.
  4. On the next page where it says Delete saved data for Madden 2016, select Delete everywhere
  5. Restart your console and load Madden NFL 16. 
    • You will be prompted to confirm all start up questions and agreements. After confirming, your roster will download.

2 - Haven't received purchased points 

If you have purchased points but haven't received them, please wait 24 hours. The purchasing servers are under a heavy load during launch, which causes delays. If you don't receive your points after 24 hours, contact us and let us know.

3 - Madden Ultimate Team Rewards showing "0 packs opened":

Some players are seeing "0 packs opened" on the MUT rewards page even after opening packs. We're aware of this issue and working on a fix. Stay tuned here for updates.

4 - Endless loading screen after pressing Square or X in Auction House menu (PS4):

If you encounter a loading screen after hitting Square or X in the Auction House menu in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), cancel by pressing Circle.

5 - Confirm button does not function in the stadium upgrade menu within Connected Franchise mode:

If the confirm button is not functioning on the stadium upgrade menu, you may have already upgraded the stadium. Check whether the "upgrade" prompt on-screen has a lock icon next to it or not. If it's locked, you have already upgraded and the confirm button will not do anything.

6 - Unable to tell which friends are online in MUT (PS3): 


When you choose the "play vs friend" option within Madden Ultimate Team, you will see a list of all of your friends that play, but it does not indicate whether they are online or not. We are aware of this issue and working on a fix.

7 - Reassigning controller ports during play (PS3): 

Reassigning controller ports while in the middle of play or practice can cause issues where the game no longer recognizes the controller. We recommend waiting until you are out of any play modes before changing your controller settings. If you encounter a situation where the game will not recognize controller inputs after switching controller ports, connect another controller to resolve the issue.

8 - Downloading Community Files - "An error has occurred while downloading the file. Please try again." - Status: Acknowledged

The studio is investigating this issue.

Issues confirmed as resolved

  • [Ultimate Team] Players opened in packs showing as "undefined"
  • Unable to connect to the EA servers - [Australia / East Asia / Oceania]
  • Madden 16 - Unable to download roster update or tuning data (stuck on "loading roster official")  - Status: Fixed / Workaround available


    We are aware that some players were unable to play online due to being unable to download the roster update or tuning data. 

    We have fixed this issue and you should be able to download the updates without any problems. If you're still getting an error, restart your console. ​

    If you that still does not help and you are on Xbox One, try the steps below:


    • Go to Manage Game and select your name from the right
    • Hit delete everywhere

    Warning: this will erase any locally saved Connected Franchise data.

Updated with the latest info from EA Help: Madden NFL 16 troubleshooting and common questions

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