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MUT rewards account

by otterness88

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MUT rewards account

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I'm trying to apply for my Madden Ultimate team rewards. When I went to login it has my PS3 gamer tag and not my Xbox one gamer tag. How do I get my Xbox one gamer tag synced?
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Re: MUT rewards account

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The steps required to link your console account to your EA account can be found here:


Let us know if you need any help after doing that, thanks.

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Re: MUT rewards account

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Hello Barry, my MUT Rewards account will not sync to my PS3. The account still shows zero packs opened and displays no information when I log in to the EA site. I can confirm my PSN and EA accounts are synced. 


I have contacted customer service 3 times, called once and posted to your Twitter account twice. Your digital customer support team is laughably bad. (Hey, thanks for the instructions on how to manage my FIFA settings – they'd be useful if I inquired or owned the title. Also, this gem of a support response:

This is Grace and I'm the EA Customer Support Adviser who received your email.

We're sorry about the inconvenience please until now we don't have resolution yet so far on this case. You may reach our live support team for further assistance. Just create a new case ticket for help and visit our help center, you may set up a click to call service make sure that the phone number is correctly given so we can reach you as soon as possible.


Please until now. What are the qualifications to get hired in EA's support department? Have a face? 10 fingers? Effective digital communication (which is, like, the entire purpose of the position) and a solid grasp of the English language are clearly not on the list. Regardless, I'm glad Grace got to check this one off her email queue today! Yeah, kicking it down the line to some poor sap working in the EA call center (which I imagine looks like the office in Joe Versus The Volcano) seems efficient. 


Maybe please until now they'll have a resolution yet so far. Not likely.


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