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Re: H2H MUT 16 Glitch

by mistaluva4u2

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H2H MUT 16 Glitch

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My madden shows 1-3 and Im 2-3 and this will effect me going to the playoffs please help!!!

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Re: H2H MUT 16 Glitch

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I'm having the same problem as you are.  For the past two days or so.  Still awaiting help from Customer Service.

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Re: H2H MUT 16 Glitch

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I have a similar problem. It tells me to start a new season even though my record was 1-0. I played and won 4 games and it still shows my record is 0-0 and start a new season
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Re: H2H MUT 16 Glitch

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I've had the same issue, I thoroughly explain the problem and then I'm instructed to turn my router and console off and on. LOL, 3 times this has been the recommended fix. This is getting ridiculous, it's been a week!
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Re: H2H MUT 16 Glitch

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I spoke to someone from the Madden Ultimate Team subreddit and he told me it is a known issue and they're looking to fix it.


I doubt this weekend, they got anything done with it, but hopefully, soon.  Can't stand Draft Champions.

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Re: H2H MUT 16 Glitch

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having this problem ongoing since last week, i keep writing the tech support and keep sending tweets but nothing has changed. what about you? how long have you been hading this problem? was it fixed for you by now?

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Re: H2H MUT 16 Glitch

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Unfortunately, nothing yet.


I'll hit up the MUT guy on Reddit again today for an update.  It's been a week now and it's been kind of frustrating.

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