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Re: Griefing H2H Glitch. HELP

by EA_Barry

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Griefing H2H Glitch. HELP

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I have Madden NFL 16 for my PS4, and I just encountered a major glitch. Hoping someone at EA can help me. So I am currently 3-0 in my All-Pro first H2H season. I just attempted to play my 4th game. Towards the end of the game, I was losing 20-21, but I managed to get to my opponent's 3 yard line. I called a timeout with 2 seconds remaining, and called the field goal play. When the players lined up to kick it, he ran offsides on purpose and was called for a penalty. This happened three time in a row until I got the message that he was kicked for "excessive griefing". However, I when I tried to click X to exit the message and return to the MUT homescreen, it wouldn't let me. The game was unresponsive. So, I closed the application, restarted the game, and entered the MUT gamemode. Low and behold, I was still 3-0. Needless to say, I am upset. This shouldn't be an issue 8 months into the life of Madden 16. I do have the username of the person I played if that is needed, and I'm pretty sure the PS4 passively records gameplay, so I should have proof that way as well. I'm also thinking of emailing EA, as this is ridiculous. I essentially wasted 45 minutes of my time on that game, all for nothing. Please help, or direct me to someone who can. Thanks

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Re: Griefing H2H Glitch. HELP

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If you suspect a player may be playing unfairly you can use the steps detailed at the following link to report them.


Thank you for not naming any player you suspect may be cheating, this is called "Naming and Shaming" and is not allowed on Answers HQ.

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