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Changing difficulty settings in Ultimate team?

by spaguy1964

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Changing difficulty settings in Ultimate team?

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Is there a way to adjust the difficulty settings for playing against the computer in Ultimate Team mode? I am having great difficulty even beating the Ultimate teams games in Rookie level games, much less even Pro Level and I guess I will never get to be able a to beat an All Pro or an All Madden level!   I takes 2 or 3 tries sometimes to win a  game and then only by one score as the computer is relentless and unstoppable in its comeback attempts. It doesn't help when you cannot even get enough points to barely buy a Pro Pack and then when you do get a Pro Pack it is the equivalent of previous years Rookie pack where all the players are 70 rated or under! I have gotten about a half dozen Pro Packs and the highest rated player a got was a 75. I am very frustrated and disappointed with this years version. The points you do receive for winning a game are too low, the rewards for completing sets seem too low, the cards you receive in the Pro Packs are not even good enough to use in a set or to build a stronger team.   How is someone supposed to build a team when you cant even get enough points to buy the better packs? I am also already sick of the aggressive catching as the computer uses this to almost perfection every time when it is 3rd and long or if it is losing. I even try playing a prevent defense and the dam thing still makes a catch when covered by 4 defenders. I have tried even setting CPU sliders to 0 in the main screen settings but apparently this does not carry over to Ultimate team mode. So please tell me there is a way to make it a little easier or I am done with this game if it doesn't give me a coronary first!


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Re: Changing difficulty settings in Ultimate team?

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That is not answering my question at all can you change the difficulty??
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Re: Changing difficulty settings in Ultimate team?

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