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Wraith void activation

by ChiefThunderBall

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Wraith void activation

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It feels like her ability activates just a bit to slow or it shouldn'tlause you while activating it. It gives enough time to get lasered since it puts you in a short pause while activating it. 

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Re: Wraith void activation

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Which is good for balance. She is already the best legend so I would be very careful buffing her further.

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Re: Wraith void activation

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In my honest opinion I feel like octane is better than wraith. At least I play better as octane. He has close to the same hit box with way better perk sets. Wraith is super easy to track in the void, it's almost a guaranteed kill for me everytime I face one that voids. I would rather fight a Wraith than an Octane any day. 

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Re: Wraith void activation

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Yeah, it's not a big difference between Octane, Wraith, Bangalore and Medic. Those are all pretty balanced so which is better is mostly up to your play style. Check any stats page and you'll see these are pretty much always at the top so I would not buff anyone of these. You'll see Pathfinder and Mirage at the top here and there too, but Pathfinder is only performing well at the moment because of his bugged hitbox. Mirage is OK, but could use a small buff. Then you have Caustic a bit below Mirage and far far far at the very bottom you have Gibraltar, the king of suckage. :D This is all consistent with my personal experience.

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