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Re: Wraith nerf when?

by Tensai_Zoo

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Wraith nerf when?

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She has literally no drawbacks. 

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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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Uh? What is good about Wraith to begin with? Her ulti is pretty situational. Her tactical makes her invulnerable but also lose sight on the enemy. Her passive tells you what? that someone is aiming at you? Not very interesting at all, given how easy it is to spot enemies in this game.... wow how overpowered </sarcasm>

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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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So what? She doesn't exceed anything like Bangalo with her movementspeed. It just look like you don't like Wraith player and want her to be bad. Her ult is a very good gadget without gamebreaking effect. Correct me if i'm wrong or at least explain "She has literally no drawbacks. " - You.

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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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shes balanced, nothing OP with her, you need to elaborate on "no draw backs"

Her passive makes her know she is being aimed at, but doesnt say where.

Her tactical makes her invulnerable but she cant see enemies and she has a massive trail following her.

Her ult makes her run faster but can still be seen while trying to place a portal.

shes a good team character to play and definitely has drawbacks in some ways
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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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Her hitbox is the main reason she is broken

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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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Unloaded a whole devotion on her at close range and somehow dodged, yet Gibraltar gets hit by mazabique 300 meters away. I dont think wraith is broken but her BS hitbox is a huge issue.

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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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I rather agree. All of her abilities are good, and her having the tiniest hitbox on top of it all just puts too much icing in the cake.

The fact that they went into this with such a large hitbox disparity with NOTHING to compensate for it really is irksome, I'd expect better.
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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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I LOVE the people saying her abilities are bad.. You have 2 teammates at most times, you're not usually in a 1 to 1 firefight.. Vision or not, invulnerability AND the additional option of a haste/portal every 3 mins or so is insanely useful. TOO useful when it's paired with a hitbox smaller than LITERALLY every single other Legend. 

Why does she get special movement animations, a heritage dagger, a seasonal skin, a hitbox absolutely unrivaled (by a difference of 12~140%) by anyone, PLUS a passive that gives you intel on: Traps, sniper sights meeting you, nearby enemies. THAT IS BEYOND USEFUL, HOW LITTLE DO THE PEOPLE SAYING HER KIT SUCKS EVEN PLAY THE GAME?

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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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For the people trying to state Wraith is completely fair and that the thread creator doesn't know the game: You discredit yourselves and only yourselves.


Wraith's hitbox is Over Powered.  Please increase it to at least bring her in line with other legends of similar model size.


Wraith's abilities are useful for herself & for her team.  I have no opinions if they should be changed/tweaked though at this moment.


Just increase her hitbox already and lets move on.

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Re: Wraith nerf when?

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Devs are afraid to change wraith because every single streamer and wannabee pro player plays as wraith and thinks they are good. Amount of negativity when they will face reality in which they were good only because of hitbox size will be overwhelming.

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