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(Updated) Legend changes I want to see

by CompleatBeet_963

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(Updated) Legend changes I want to see

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- Make Gibby and Lifeline entirely different Legends but they are both good at keeping the team alive, just in different ways

- Allow Wattson and Crypto to have a fair way to counter each other

- Make Pathfinder more of a scout but make him a little more mobile: 35 seconds cooldown is too much

- Make Bangalore more offensive and less defensive

- Make Loba more support-driven

- Make Octane more team-driven

Legends not included are those who are okay where they are (in my opinion)



- Remove faster reviving and healing in the dome

- But make the dome last 20 seconds

- Give the ADS shield +10 health

- Adjust its size so his entire upper torso is covered

- Increase radius of Bombardment and make the missiles land quicker



- Merging of Combat Revive and Combat Medic into one passive ability

- D.O.C duration reduced to 12 seconds

- D.O.C healing reduced to 5 health every second so the drone is now just a quick patch-up

- D.O.C charge time reduced to 25/30 seconds


- Grappling Hook cooldown reduced to 25 seconds


- Rework Creeping Barrage so the missiles land 1.5 seconds after the flare's contact with a solid object

- Instead of exploding after a few seconds make them be triggered similar to a Gas Trap: if shot or touched

- Make the Smoke a little more blinding so it's used more for cover to hide behind, not in


- Remove the timer from the Interception Pylon

- Remove the ability to have 3 pylons out at a time

- Give the pylon 90 charges, one charge being consumed every second

- Ultimate Accelerants can be used on a pylon to replenish the charges

- A pylon can use 75 charges to block an EMP blast, but gives the enemy Crypto 75% charge time for another EMP



- Increase Jump Pad maximum distance

- Allow a lot more of direction control when double jumping

- Rework the Tactical so the stim shot creates a small radius giving the stim's effect to allies in that radius (speed, slow affect removal)

- When Octane is the Jumpmaster he increases team speed by 10% (@031567)



- Remove DRONE DETECTED warning (@BBY_YOD4)

- But make the drone's sounds louder and easier to track



- Fix torso hitbox issue

- Allow Black Market Boutique to pick up friendly banners

- In Duos, Black Market should allow 3 items to be taken so it's 6 items per team in both Trios and Duos

- It only requires one click or button push to take an item

- Give Loba's team the ability to steal Vault and Trial Compartment Loot (however it still does 1 shield damage and sets off the alarm so only one team member can take one vault/compartment item


QOL Improvements than can improve Legends

- Add Ultimate Accelerants to the consumable wheel so they can be requested and used easier

- Make Ultimate Accelerants more common

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Re: Legend changes I want to see

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I really like grabbing and holding onto Ultimate Accelerants- with Any Legend.  So it pains me when no one pings those Accelerants! I would like to ping 'the want for an Ultimate Accelerant"- And for grenades too sometimes! 

It may be a good change if Bangalore's Ultimate was somehow sped up somewhere, like what you mentioned. 

And I do agree with the proposed change for Pathfinder. The original 15 seconds, was strong. But adding 20 seconds (Cooldown being currently 35 seconds) seemed like a pretty big jump. 25 seconds would be nice to try and test out.

I'm not too sure about the other ideas... And I feel like Loba's ability to "spot jewels" should remain exclusive to her.

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Re: Legend changes I want to see

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Thanks for giving feedback on my... feedback. :/

In my opinion, these changes will help balance the meta a bit. It's good to hear I am not alone with the Ultimate Accelerant request problem! Standard smile


As with Loba's team being able to steal from Vaults and Trial Compartments too, it will up her usage significantly as a support character. Obviously, Vault and Compartment loot can be strong so if an ally takes an item the usual Black Market collapse and alarm should occur.

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Re: Legend changes I want to see

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So I've kinda changed the list a bit thinking about some stuff @StarMystro said and my mind changed a bit too. Standard smile

Also @EA_Aljo seeing as you gave XP, I'm assuming you read my suggestions: thanks for that, I appreciate it. Make sure you check out the changes too! :D

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Re: (Updated) Legend changes I want to see

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@CompleatBeet_963 The drone is already very easy to destroy, an increased to 50 isn't going to change anything. If anything, it would just makes the legend even more obsolete
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Re: (Updated) Legend changes I want to see

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@CompleatBeet_963I agree with everything except lifeline and crypto. She does not need a nerf. She isn’t op in anyway and nerf would not help her. You could argue that her passive is op but it’s the only thing going for her right now and removing or nerfing it would just ruin the legend in my opinion. The crypto change in my opinion would not help him in anyway other then the health buff, but then you would not be able to counter his ult. I think hey should remove the DRONE DETECTED that comes up when the drone scans you.

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Re: (Updated) Legend changes I want to see

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Actually I suggested that Lifeline's old passive and new should be put into one passive so that's a buff!

The drone should be a quick patch-up in my opinion so you can actually heal while being chased making Lifeline more of the emergency medic she needs to be.


The DRONE DETECTED sign should go but they should make the drone make louder sounds that are easy to track. I'll edit the Crypto changes.

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Re: Legend changes I want to see

Community Manager



We always appreciate constructive feedback. That's why I gave out the XP. Thanks for your input!

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Re: Legend changes I want to see

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Your gratitude is acknowledged. Anything to help Apex Legends. Standard smile

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Re: Legend changes I want to see

★★ Guide

I think these changes can really improve the Legend meta and satisfy everybody so if you like them please pass this on to the developers. :D

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