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Skins for challenge's

by FattigDK

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Skins for challenge's

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So im kinda missing skins for challenge's option. exsample:

1: 5000 kills with PeaceKeeper (earn 1 special designed 5000kill skin) "the number 5000 burning in the weapon, could be a way"
2: 30000 headshots (earn diamond skin for r-99)
3: 20000 dmg with charge rifle (earn bloody gold skin)

These could be easy or hard, giving common or higher skins. it would be nice to see, and give players something different to do.
i would personally ask for wattson skins, they really need an overhaul...

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Re: Skins for challenge's

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@FattigDK I think it would be neat to see skins and/or badges as a reward for weapon and legend proficiency. For example, 100/250/500/1000/2000 kills with a legend and you get a tiered Badge and a unique legendary skin (at 2000) for that legend. and for weapons you could do something similar. It would be very little effort on the devs' end, and would give a MASSIVE progression grind for players who are into collecting cosmetics, while also not being something that only the top 0.2% can get, like the 4k damage or 20 kills badge.
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