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Re: Rampart is a joke

by tiggertime666

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Rampart is a joke

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You made a game based on fast movement then put a stationary character in it. 


Then you only let her turret rotate within a 70 degree cone? 


Fire whoever was in charge of developing this legend 

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Re: Rampart is a joke

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@LuckyCanuckLuke She’s good if you set up somewhere. The walls also help, if they set up.
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Re: Rampart is a joke

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Only if the other team is completely brainless. 


If you see a rampart set up you either throw a few grenades and their set up is completely useless. 


Or you just walk away and reposition 

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Re: Rampart is a joke

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Of course delete her wall deploy time it will pop up instantly and make sheila 360 degree and no  charge time and shoot instantly with a 100% accurate shoot without recoil

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Re: Rampart is a joke

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@LuckyCanuckLuke Depends on how long they were set up (the Rampart could have some walls and her Ult stored up) and also where they are.
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Re: Rampart is a joke

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@LuckyCanuckLukeThe Ult is definitely useless. It's inaccurate at long range and takes too long to spin up at close/mid-range. Her passive and barriers are very nice though.


The only limitation to rampart (besides Sheila) are her teammates. Always leaving a strong position to dive the enemy making any walls I set up worthless.

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Re: Rampart is a joke

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I've been thinking about rampart a lot as she looked like she would be a really fun legend. I think her walls should come out and have there base 200 hp. without that 4 second one hit grace period so you could use them in a duel. I also think a fix to Sheila would be to make it a removable turret. so she could rip Sheila off the base, it'd have a limited ammo probably 2 mags. she'd have a movement penalty and couldn't climb or zipline. you would then just press to weapon swap, to pull out one of your other guns. she'd drop the minigun and return to normal movement. 

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