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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

by Tensai_Zoo

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Please nerf lmg’s

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I’m tired of getting sprayed down by a squad of 3 trash players that don’t have any sort of aim. But thanks to this gun it makes it impossible to play strategically when you can’t run anywhere because the heavy ammo has a slow effect. And overall these guns if in the hands of a good player makes it impossible to kill them when they spray and have good aim. I know I don’t have any fix. But it can’t be that hard. 

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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

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If you can't beat/outplay trash players, guess who is the real trash?

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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

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Look up zurxur on the apex tracker and come back and tell me If im still trash 

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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

Community Manager

Hey all, please do not resort to name calling or insulting on another.

From this post on, anyone who posts in an unkind manner will be facing action.


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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

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adapt? don't engage someone using a spitfire head on?

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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

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Literally you people that ask for nerfs in games turn things into a joke, Consider that cheaters are more of a threat with their no recoil bot and esp and the like.

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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

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I try my best to adapt, but when you get into a fight you’re not thinking if the player has an LMG. I’ve been playing this game since the day it came out and I would call myself a pretty smart player. When I get into a gunfight I’m not going to runaway if I hear a LMG. The point of all this is the gun takes no skill so a nerf would be ideal. It’s just to strong to fight against if they’re even decent players. I would say half of my 15+ kill games  I’ve had a spitfire, it just makes the game less fun. Next time you play, just check and see how many times you get sprayed down by a spitfire or a devotion. 

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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

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i play console so we don’t see that problem much sorry brother. 

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Re: Please nerf lmg’s

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Spitifire / Devotion makes you a sitting duck when ADSing, and if you hipfire witht hem good luck hitting anything over CQC.
Even then PK outshines them in CQC unless you miss your shots.

What exacly is it you're struggling when facing LMG's? Running in the open on the enemy is not the smartest idea overall no matter the enemy weapon.

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