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Pathfinder is now weak.

by SupremestSupreme

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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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@SupremestSupreme He's not weak, again, he's balanced.

You only get 1 grapple in a fire fight (if you don't finish off a fight before you get a second grapple, your most likely getting 3rd partied) so you'll have to use it wisely. It makes you have to use it more efficiently and accurately opposed to just waiting a few seconds to get another one.

Seems pretty balanced to me, what other legend tactical has that kind of benefit?
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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

agreed ! your idea seems quite good 


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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

He is the second most picked Legend in game, with around 13% pick rate. No one promise you that Pathfinder and Wraith will always be meta, till the game completely dies.

They should have nerf him long ago, and they should have changed meta every single season, and then we would have way more interesting and balanced game.

They clearly state why they nerfed him. It wasn`t like there was a zero reason for his nerf.

5 or 10 seconds would change nothing.

30-35 seconds for such passive is that sweet spot.

Again if he was so call weak, he wouldn`t have that high pick rate, as well as be so much used in tournament/competitive.

Whether me, you and WE as a whole like it or not, they need to change the meta and they need to bring legends to a certain level of balance. This cannot be achieved by just buffing certain legend, and let other legend stay where they are.


There is a people that earn their salary that works for Respawn and are responsible for the balancing. They are not biased like we are, and are trying their best and obviously know what they are doing. And this is their full day job, so they know what they are doing.

Does Pathfinder required a nerf - most definitely. What was the problem with him? His joke grapple CD. Did they fix it ? Yes definitely. Was this an overkill ? No for sure! Why is that? Because we got a new legend(which will steals % of all legends pick rate, a lot of people will switch to her, because she is the new shine tool of the game), we got buffed legend and reworked legends, like Mirage, which will steal more % of the usage, yet Pathfiner pick rate is still pretty high and its a rock solid as the second most used legend.


I don`t like a lot of the changes, but with time i get use to them, and trying to work them over.

You got like 3 choices. Stick with it, and learn how to use him effectively now. Continue to complain about it, make 1 million threads, and just lose your game time(because this is what we are doing here actually). And number 3 is just change to another legend you think is better.


Once again no one ever promise to anyone that Wraith and Pathfinder should always be top 2 legends and they should always stay as OP/Broken, as they was before.

Sorry but its pretty obvious now, esp for Wraith, she received so many nerfs, and she is still a top legend in the game. At the beginning she was completely broken and people were abusing her. Same with Pathfinder and the so call 15 sec. joke CD. You were allowing to do stuffs, that you shouldn`t be able to.


I`m a Bangalore main right now, and as far as i know, from the very start of the game, the only thing she get was a nerf to her passive, which was pretty harsh. And she was bang average from the very beginning and she still is, but i`m not making thread after thread to complain about her status ?


I really can`t see how Pathfinder can have a right to complain about Pathfinder. He was a top 2 legend for the whole span of the game, he is still a top 5 legend for sure(still second most picked legend ingame), he was used like 99,99% of every tournament/competitive/top tier gameplay. Now he is still heavily used in this.

He still have his full kit, the only thing that was changed was his CD.

As far as Zipline nerf, this is a nerf for absolutely all legend in game. I`m not playing competitive and i don`t like that at all.


But i understand why they are doing this. If you don`t know the reason, it is because a lot of people were abusing his zipline jumps on the last ring in tournaments, while other teams are fighting on the ground.

And while i understand that i don`t think this was the right way to fix this problem. And this is actually going to help tremendously to Caustics, because its a pure pain in the last ring with Caustic traps and ultimate. Its a free win for Caustic. They should have think about that thing as well. The way i see it, if you get to the last ring, and you got a caustic in your team its a victory for your team, unless enemy team have Caustic as well. :D

They have to find a way to fix this and bring our zipline jumps back, because on none tournament level its a must in a lot of situations.




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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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@SupremestSupremeBecause Pathfinder doesn't need a buff, he's balanced.

Pathfinder has always held a special place in my heart, and I can say; He's still got it. Let these other champs get there fancy new digs- Pathfinder doesn't need new tricks.

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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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I think path has been nerfed way too hard, his q should be 20 seconds, he is one of the hardest legends in the game to use masterfully, even with the pre nerf if you messed up your grapple you are still dead.


I am actually really upset with the nerf that has happened to him, investing so many hours and mastering his movements. I have to say he isn't that useful in ranked now and will not be playing him anymore, he is quite useless now may as well just remove him tbh.

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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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@S8N_Spawn *Cough*octane *Cough* *Cough*
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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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@lilcoolj-29 Octane's tactical is no where near as powerful as Pathfinder's, but now that you bring him up, yeah, they can make it so using the grapple costs 10 HP too.
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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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@S8N_Spawn No he isnt if wraiths tactical has a cool down of 22 seconds or around their and pathfinders is basically the same as he can't go as far but is quicker the cool down should be about 25 seconds
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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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@EruptionMan Pathfinder can go further than Wraith with the right grapple, and he can go higher.

Either way, Path seems to still be viable.
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Re: Pathfinder is now weak.

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@SnakeArtz Lmao what level of ranked do you play Gold? Haha Pathy is my main and that is because I believe him to be the most useful in ranked. His tactical is the best in the game(almost instant reposition for pushing or backing out), his passive predicts the next circle for positioning(which is really important if you play smart, but i guess you don't), his ultimate will get your team the best positioning or help you back out of a bad situation. When reading comments like this I seriously need to ask if you really play the game or do you just play pathfinder?
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