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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

by heme725

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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

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@hhnbbfggty66 wrote:
@SethCurryNope, needs a buff to 10 seconds

I agree with this, needs buff wraith currently has unlimited phase so path needs unlimited grapple. Just get rid of cooldowns period at this point.

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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

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Used to be a bloodhound main, went pathfinder in this season - and boy do I feel gimped not playing pathfinder. It´s like playing a different game all together.


Able to ge team high ground in every single fight, has insane mobility (defensive + offensive), compare that to my old bloodhound - yeah im playing pathfinder.

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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

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The only time Pathfinder's grapple has affected me has been one specific situation. My two teammates were downed and pathfinder flew away leaving both of us low on health. Can't locate him with sight or sound so do I heal, revive or chase? Other than that one situation Pathfinder's tactical is no more than an annoyance to me. As a legend based around mobility gimping it in any way can make the character underpowered.

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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

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@SethCurry This is true. Pathfinder needs a cooldown increase on his grapple. I was chasing him and he got grapple way too much and and ult on top of it. He lead my team to another squad in Swamps from Relay.

So I personally think his grapple needs slightly longer cooldown and his ult charge needs to be increased a little more.

The only buff I would give him is to make his recon beacon a little faster and less noise when used.
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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

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@NitromethaneAP Similar story with me, started with Bangalore as my 1st choice but have been using Pathfinder as my 1st choice lately and it's a whole new ballgame (still like playing as Bangalore though). 


It's a way more 3 dimensional game with PF than with any other Legend.  Sure, any Legend can get high ground by climbing, using existing zip lines, and jump towers but PF can gain high ground everywhere on the map and way more quickly.  Huge mobility advantage, coupled with finding that last ring location for positioning makes him a great Legend and fun to play.


In addition, the mobility helps you get to loot locations quicker so you can get the best loot and your loadout first.  When using the grapple to retreat PF is harder to hit, typically, too.


But, aside from his ability to grapple enemies to himself, he has no ability to inflict extra damage, nor heal up faster, nor conceal/cloak himself.  So to me he isn't too overpowered in any way.    


Like @Anlbrd mentioned, his mobility is his one and only deal.  And that can very much be a double edged sword, esp since grappling and grappling well is another tough to learn skill.  Even if you grapple as intended it may remove you from a bad situation and into a worse one.  


Most mobile?  Yeah that's PF's MO.  OP?  Nope.

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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

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@Leo_the_Lion25 If you could keep track of a Pathfinder from Swamps to Relay - he obviously didn't outrun you that well, did he? :S
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Re: Pathfinder basic grapple needs a nerf

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His CD's are fine, he's my second least favourite legend to encounter in a gunfight....not gonna demand he gets nerfed because i don't like his mobility. That legend is there for me too should i choose to use him. 

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