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Re: Pathfinder Hitbox

by Throhjen

Original Post

Pathfinder Hitbox

★ Apprentice

I now DESPISE pathfinders


They are harder to kill than wraiths

With wraith, I at least know that when I am at her character my shots will connect


Pathfinder is just hollow, with so many rounds passing through his frame

(OR that bug where you HEAR the "hit" noise but no damage is done)


I know pathfinder used to have too big a hitbox, but they went too far the other way


I think they just need to AT LEAST add the tanks on his back, BACK to his hitbox

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Re: Pathfinder Hitbox

★★ Apprentice

They announced a patch, yet no changes regarding Pathfinder. Is it hard to acknowledge that something is wrong with his current hitbox, Respawn? Also, there's that Twitch prime skin and its variants that increase his hitbox by a bunch VISUALLY, yet it is much smaller in reality. Imagine a Gibraltar with a Wraith hitbox, that's how it feels.

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Re: Pathfinder Hitbox

★★★★ Novice

They should just make him unplayable until the patch comes out. Its BS theyre allowing this to happen. At least with fortnite the majority of the skins have the same hitbox unlike this game

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Re: Pathfinder Hitbox

★ Apprentice

The pathfinder situation to me feels like a joke right now... first I was angry, then demotivated, now I am just sad... and the whole situation about respawn not making any workarounds like disabling him or reverting the changes blows me away... I love the game but as of right now it is just a mess and the whole post-launch was a tragedy... but hey, maybe the next update will fix at least something and to be fair servers feel less slow-mo than before, so there is still a little bit of hope, maybe...

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Re: Pathfinder Hitbox

[ Edited ]
★★ Apprentice

Of course they didn't do sh*t to fix pathfinder, his actual hitbox has nothing to do with his model, will it take another 2 months to MAYBE fix this after being reported as soon as you modified his hitbox in the first place? This is one of the reasons i'm not playing this game anymore, not that it matters, lvl 10 players with 0.01 kda still play it which is probably good enough right?

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