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Re: Old Lifeline Main

by Sir_Named

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Old Lifeline Main

Make her passive the old fast rez with shield. Give her the option to toggle the shield before (and only before) a rez so that you can have the option of not being given away by your rez shield clipping through doors and walls.


Make her tactical give fast heals to her and her team while healing. She already has the longest tactical with a fourty five second cooldown. I wouldn't care if the devs bumped it back up to a minute, it would still be better team utility then a fourth five second drone that disappears in storm and cannot be moved. It also has built in balancing due to the fact that the drone doesn't heal unless you have taken health damage(so no fast heals at full health) and has a finite amount of health it can heal, so your team would not be able to constantly pop bats and shields for 45secs/60secs.


Make her Ult into the dummy healing circle like everyone wanted the second we tested it. Her ult will always be trash and has always been trash.


People asked for a buff, you said you were going to "side grade" her, and instead you reworked the only abilities that made her fun in the first place, and then replaced them with something so stupidly broken that the rest of her kit has to remain a useless mess thanks to how overpowered and braindead that single ability can be. I was a day one lifeline main, and you changed the character into something so dumb I dropped her for Octane, a drug addict whose powers actively get him punished and killed in this game...please rework your rework Respawn.

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Re: Old Lifeline Main

@SpaceHamster1991 I think the auto res should be removed and her fast heals return.
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Re: Old Lifeline Main

@xx_Dante2k_xx They won't bring back the fast heals as a passive. They believed fast healing as a passive was unbalanced and skewed her win rate, which is why they changed it to a spammable, shielded auto rez lmfao. These balancing decisons make me believe the devs are all bronze ranks playing in pub bot lobbies.
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Re: Old Lifeline Main

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Bronze ranked lifelines don't exist when they have 12 season 6 wins with only 125 season 6 kills. Her bot res is way better than faster healing. As for her care package, cry about it. I'll happily take that purple armor in round 4, along with shields, syringes and weapon attachments. 

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Re: Old Lifeline Main

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@SYNGanja42O What stats are you citing at the top of your sentence there? I also realize her bot rez is good. I said that in my post.  As for dropping a care package for purple shields in ROUND 4, are u serious? How do you not have purple already? What do you do, hide in a corner the entire game until her care package is finally ready, and spin the RNG lottery? 

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Re: Old Lifeline Main

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No. I have to say I like her ability, especially with Mirages ability to revive invisible it's only fair to give her something like that.


Maybe move the auto reviving ability to the tactical.

When she uses the drone it automatically heals and revives one player. (or maybe both?)


I liked her passive ability to fast heal but also the ability to double heal.

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Re: Old Lifeline Main

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Man i feel the pain... I too was a lifeline main but now with ssn6 all her abilities are gone. She has become like more for the team but keeps nothing for herself. Tell me 1 good reason why i should still use her.. the rez could be altered back to previous version but give her passive healing ability.. see she is not doing charity in apex legends only rezzing ppl 




Whats in it for her ?? What does she get ?? Hatred from the opponent team... Need her fast heal.  

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Re: Old Lifeline Main

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@SpaceHamster1991 I'm referencing when you're good enough to have a k/w ratio that good in ranked, you're not gonna be a bronze rank, it was a joke. And have you ever heard of respawning teammates at rounds 4 and they don't armor? Apparently not, since you don't play this game enough to have a decent opinion about what might happen. I've won games off that purple armor luck in a lifeline care package.
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Re: Old Lifeline Main

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@Chaddi-Me-Haddi She is a support character, which would mean helping the team a lot.
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Re: Old Lifeline Main

I couldn't tell that you were joking because nothing you typed was funny...People win games using octane's jumppad and loba's tactical, but that doesn't make those abilities good now does it? An ult that gives away position, is RNG based, and takes time to even drop and open is an objectively bad ability. I've dropped her care packages after rez too, and ended up with two digi sites. An ult ability shouldn't be relegated to giving me six shield cells at an endgame where everyone is rocking red evo and armor swapping.
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