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Octane's Stim animation issue

by AranDanteSamus

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Octane's Stim animation issue

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I'm talking about the ending animation when he's removing the vial. I can't melee or do anything whatsoever when that animation plays. Making it infuriating in clutch situations.


I can melee/shoot just fine when I activate it or just before the buff runs out (Thus skipping the animation). It's only when he pulls out the vial, then I'm pretty much stuck doing nothing and watching Octane throw out devil horns while eating lead.

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Re: Octane's speed buff ending animation doesn't allow melee at all

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Lolz your last sentence made me laugh and triggered a memory on how I died like that.

To give you the story; hot dropping on supply ship, only picking up ammo and a normal armor. Bailing out into Repulsor. Seeing a bangalore with no weapon. Doing tactical to run to her cause she had no weapon. Finally gained up to her... rigt at the end of the animation. Witnessing that instead of a punch Octane dropping the delightful devil horns. By some miracle she hadn't heard me. I punch her twice afterwards. She turns around, suddenly taking out a weapon (hadn't paid attention to her backside), I'm like Ffffff.... but continue to punch her 2 more times. 1 punch needed to end her... I decide to use tactical to run circles around her. Achieved it but right as I'm about to punch her... devil horns and I'm like... '=_= why did I forget that' and she Flatlined me... Literally...

Was fun tho, but I agree with you that you should still be able to punch.
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Re: Octane's Stim animation issue

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Gonna bump because it's still an issue and it's really frustrating having this happen in clutch situations.

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