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New Legends Ideas

by KimCubie

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New Legends Ideas

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Actually, I am very nervous because I have never been to write a letter like this; and I am not good at English, so please understand that I used a translator.

Anyway, the topic I'm going to suggest is new legends. As you know, legends aren't that many. Of course I don't want the number of legends to be as many as LOL. But at least there are legends like Rainbow Six Seige and Overwatch. Of course, I am not a game developer but an ordinary student, so I am going to write down some ideas here. It's a miracle if it's actually reflected.


First, I hope there's another legend that has detection characteristics like Bloodhound. Especially the legend of sound waves.

Passive Skill would like to see the position of all enemies within a short distance as a signal similar to the sound waves that only show him. This legend would be a good concept to have a very sensitive hearing.

And the active skill is to throw a sonar that looks like an adhesive bomb, so that the team can see where the enemy is going in the range. I hope the range that works as well as it's useful is larger than the Passive Skill and the waiting time is quite long.

And the ultimate wish is to focus on attack rather than detection. In a short period of time, he shouts so loudly that he loses the hearing of all the enemies around him and shakes the screen. Of course players throw their headsets away. So I think it's better to express the sounds as if they were eaten similar to when the flare exploded. Also, when he's using the ultimate, he'd better slow down a little bit. Of course, it's hard to run around at the same time, shouting with all his might. I'm sure you or the developers will decide his name.


Secondly, I hope there's a legend about the Western concept of gunman like McCree of Overwatch.

First, Passive Skill will speed up the charge in the event of a hit. Of course, I want developers to set their own pace for this. I don't want to be controversial by touching the details.

Next, the active skill is to roll fast. Honestly, this is a copy of McCree. But I think this is the best fit for him. Of course, I hope the waiting time is very short compared to other skills. Lastly, I want the ultimate to be an automatic aiming. Put a hole in the head of every enemy within a certain range. Of course, enemies don't stay still, so there's a chance they'll make mistakes. So I want to be able to make a decision and cancel with the left click and right click after pressing the ultimate button. You might notice this, but it's like a cheet. So I want to start based on the position of the enemies at that moment for balance with other legends.


Lastly, I wish there was a legend like a ninja. The cyber-funk ninja. Passive skill is to detect danger instinctively when the enemy comes near and move a little faster.

(And frankly, I'm a guy who's unhappy with the game's melee attacks. Compared to other games such as punching, kicking, and uppercuts, there are a lot of movements, but they're all set. I want these attacks to be more stylish, affected by the situation and the terrain. For example, if the enemy is very close, they use their elbows or knees, or they drop down when they attack from high places. I wish I had a melee weapon, but I won't comment on this because there are only two weapons slots in this game.)

Uh...what was I going to say? Oh, that's right. It was Ninja's style of melee attack. First, he has a knife like Kunai of Wraith, and he attacks using this knife except for kicks. Of course, unlike wraith, this ninja basically has a knife, so I hope a lot of skins for it come out, too.

Next is Active Skill, which is a skill to rush quickly and slash with a knife. Of course it's a skill, so it'll hurt a lot more than a general melee attack. It's better if there's a little bit of bleeding.

Finally, the ultimate... I guess transparency is best, right? Yes, other people would agree. Unlike normal transparency, glitching effects occur with a ticking sound, and very short distances of enemies receive a glitch on their monitors. The ultimate duration is about 10 seconds, and when he's under attack, I want to see the spot where he's hit, and see it slightly, and see it until after a certain period of time. It would be sad if transparency was released right after being attacked. So I hope this ultimate will only be lifted after 10 seconds. Of course, if he attack enemies before 10 seconds, it would be good for other players to get it done.


So this was my idea of new legends and please give me various opinions. Oh, and I don't care what the sex of the legends is.

(Oh, and that doesn't matter at all, but I'm Korean. I just wanted to do it. I'd be happy to meet another Korean in this place.)

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Re: New Legends Ideas

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