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Re: Nerf caustic and gibraltar

by thenoblewolf1

Original Post

Nerf caustic and gibraltar

★★ Newbie

Caustic should only be able to throw down a max of 3 traps at one time and Gibraltar's shield hp should be nerfed and not usable when dome is up. 

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Re: Nerf caustic and gibraltar

★ Apprentice

Those two have LONG been considered the weakest, and are still are by some

Nerfs are the LAST thing they need
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Re: Nerf caustic and gibraltar

★★★ Apprentice

Not only are they considered the weakest, Respawn said they were statistically weakest.


Caustic may have been fixed by latest patch though, but Gibraltar is still the worst legend, by far.


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Re: Nerf caustic and gibraltar

★ Guide
Caustics traps stick out like sore thumbs and are easily destroyed and Gibraltar's abilities give away his position easily so many good players never use them now. If you think these two guys are in need of a nerf you're probably the type in those meme videos that walk into bunker rooms and get trolled by Caustic lol, find a gun and learn to shoot and you'll see why every other post here is asking for buffs for them instead..
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Re: Nerf caustic and gibraltar

★★★★ Novice

This has to be a troll post lol.


They both still need a lot of buffs no question

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