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Re: Necessary upgrades for Rampart

by meece

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Necessary upgrades for Rampart

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Rampart is one of my favorite characters... but I have no idea why.  She probably needs more work than any character I can remember with all respect to Revenant.

That said, let's start with her passive. The fact that she gets more ammo in LMG's is cool, for some people.  It works for me because I really like LMG's, but a person who doesn't like LMG's get no benefit what so ever from her passive.

Solution-  I think she and her teammates should be able to have more bullets in the mag of every gun or they should all be able to reload faster.

Now lets talk about her barriers.  I love the idea, and i also understand how they could be overpowered, so I don't have very many changes.  I'm not sure, but it seems like the shields do explosive damage to her if someone blows one up before if fully sets up.  That is absurd.  It makes it not worth it to try to put a shield out at all.  

Solution-  This is simple.  Her shields should come up much faster, almost instantly.  And they should be a little more difficult to blow up before they are fully set up.  At this point, the only ways her shields are viable in battle are if you flank and they don't know you you are there or if you set them up and camp out until someone happens to walk by.  Since her tools are stationary and it takes so long for the shields to come up, neither of these options works very well.  She is basically a huge target sitting behind those walls.

- Finally, let's get to Sheila.  I love Sheila as an Ult. in theory, but the execution is not so great.  When she is on the turret, she is super vulnerable, and the muzzle flare when shooting it through her shields is blinding.  It's nearly impossible to see someone let alone shoot them.  Sheila should be feared.  People hear Shelia snd start running toward you instead of running away because they know you are super vulnerable.

Solution-  The main solution is to make her turret rotate 360 degrees. All people do is keep running to the side until they are out of range of her turning radius and then she is a sitting duck.  
She should also get a slight health boost while she is on the gun, nothing game breaking, but enough for her to at least react.  Unlike Crypto, she isn't able to take cover as she uses her ability, so it shouldn't just be a death sentence.

When I was playing with my brothers, one of them asked me "why do you play with her when you don't get to use her abilities very much.  You could be using someone else."  He is right.  Playing with her is often like playing with a character who doesn't have any powers.  
I hope we don't have to wait until season 7 for her to get some upgrades.

Outside of this, I am loving season 6 since the Evo shields have been fully restored.  This is currently my favorite season of my favorite game.

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Re: Necessary upgrades for Rampart

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If the tactical wall manages to deploy and enemy decides to fight it (rather than reposition or just wait) she's stupid strong due to extra HP. So, they made the rest of her stuff useless! #balance

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