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Re: Mirage Buff

by ApexIDEAS

Original Post

Mirage Buff

★★★★ Novice

I love using Mirage but he seriously needs a buff. What's the point of him turning invisible when you can honestly still see him. 

If you can still spot him then he should still be able to still have his weapon or at least have an option to end his ultimate. If that can't happen then at least make his decoys move not just stand there. Third option would be to simply make him more invisible, harder to spot. Those are realistic buffs yall can seriously work on. Nuff said!

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Re: Mirage Buff

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@Nadez818 his ultimate should work the same as his clones, they sprint off in the direction the are facing, mirages cloak should last a few seconds longer with the ability to end it early and to be able to interact with death boxes for loot and picking up team banners.


He should also be able to stack up to 2 decoys to send out instead of just 1. These small changes would make him a way more viable character against OP legends like Octane, Pathfinder and Wraith. 

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Re: Mirage Buff

Community Manager

@ChiefThunderBall wrote:

@Nadez818 his ultimate should work the same as his clones, they sprint off in the direction the are facing

Not the first time we've seen that too. Thanks for sharing the feedback!


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Re: Mirage Buff

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Yea I think having up to 2 decoys to deploy would be amazing and put Mirage more at a competitive level in a fight.  Mirage is a deceptive legend and I feel like they could do way more with his ultimate, they should make his ultimate give him the ability to blink/flash/teleport to a target location using the reticle and when he does this he leaves a strafing clone behind looting a fake death box.

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Re: Mirage Buff

★★★ Apprentice

Here are some ideas for mirage cause I want him buffed too at lease 1 skill buffed I already posted this before doe but I 100% agree with you


Passive ability.......idea 1, Healing Clone... Can shoot a decoy on down teammate and the Decoy can revive said teammate.........I think of this because we only have one true medic based Charater mirage won't be but it would be more team supportive skill instead of all selfish skill list he has. XD


Idea 2     passive .....deploy 5 downed mirages spinning and moving somewhere with mirage {no invisibility}




INSTEAD OF THIS.... 5 clones spawned around you and not moving while u turn 50% invisible....bad ability...



TACTICAL ABILITY.......IMPROVMENT.....ABLE TO DEPLOY 2 CLONE'S {like Bangalore with her 2 smokes ability}

Add on---{5-15% HITMARKER DAMAGE TO DESTROY IT} .     




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Re: Mirage Buff

★★★ Apprentice

Yea you have some great interesting ideas, I wonder if they know about some of these or maybe even might inspire some of their own bamboozle ideas.

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Re: Mirage Buff

★★★★ Novice

Maybe have his clones stop and fire a few shots towards the enemy. That would confuse them momentarily.

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Re: Mirage Buff

★★★ Apprentice
Hah thank man apperiate it if they just use the decoy one as a buff that be enough honestly thx for the idea love doe
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Re: Mirage Buff

★★★ Newbie

I feel like when you deploy a decoy, you can still only do one at a time, but here's why. You should be able to choose an action for that decoy to do, such as slide, jump, or fake rez/ fake respawn. HOWEVER, you can do this ONCE with each decoy, AND it take 25 seconds instead of 15 to recharge. This would honestly make it a whole lot more believable when you use the decoys, because honestly, he is a bit low-tier competitively compared to other legends. ALSO, when he uses his ult, he should be completely invisible, then flicker to opaque white, then it wears off. This would make Mirage a better legend, in my opinion.

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Re: Mirage Buff

★★ Apprentice

Mirage rly needs a buff, in my opinion he is the worst champion. But ultimate invisible control would be to strong.

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