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[Megathread] Pathfinder Changes Feedback

by Emilisc0

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Re: Grapple cooldown unreasonably high

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Path was never broken. His tactical is easy to * up even for experienced Path mains and you got punished plenty even with the 15 second. The grapple will hit things 1 ft away from you instead of the 20ft incline you were aiming for.. Even if you make the grapple you don't always land where you expect.

My first game after the update I flung myself onto a secluded ledge on the edge of the map and had to watch my team die in less 30 seconds. if you don't main path, you don't know wtf you are talking about.


They didn't kill path. they killed Apex. at least for me and im sure many other path mains that don't play anymore. Not mad, just dont play it now.. Probably got a good 500 hours out of a free game so i cant complain.. other than they did the update right after the season i payed for..


Maybe see you next season. Definitely not if a fast paced shooter comes out that doesn't need to rely on fad gimmicks like "legends or heros" or "pop ur ult dood! r we playing league of legends or an FPS?"


Learn to lead your shots on fast moving targets you shlebs. I miss Tribes 2 on my windows 98..


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Re: Pathfinder nerf is totally uncalled for

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Being relatively new to the game, I also felt like that the cooldown for the grapple was too much.

I used Path a few times so far so I am not really a Path main. 

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